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Heart Vistas offers resources to empower adults and children to work together in building more trusting, respectful relationships. When people can talk about what is important to them and hear what is important to others, heartfelt connection is possible... and amazing things can happen!


Heart Talk for Kids Curriculum

Empower children to create peaceful relationships and value themselves and others. Help children to use tools to experience more peace, love, and connection in their lives.


Children will understand more about their feelings and know that all people share the same needs for safety, food, choice, respect, love, and more. Teach and have fun with activities like stories, art, games, crafts, and songs.


Heart Talk for Kids is for use with children ages 4-12 (grades PreK-6th) and is based on  Nonviolent Communication.


Here's a poem by a 4th grade participant:


     Often creates

     Varieties of peace


        ~ Ned ~


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Children's Books

Colorful picture books to help children learn about their emotions and how adults and kids can work together to figure out problems.


A chapter book of magical adventures follows Zak as he discovers reality is full of magic and makes new friends.


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 Featured Book 




Growing up means choosing what to wear! This book helps children see they can make choices that work for themselves and for others.


Sophie wants to choose what to wear to school. Dad doesn't like her first choice. They talk and find something that they both like.





               Connected Coaching       

                     Debbie Berkana




      Experience the power of heartfelt connection
in your life!
Connect to your heart,
Connect to the hearts of others,
Unleash the power of living authentically.
Create a richer, more fulfilling life based on your own deep inner peace and joy. Experience tools that will help you nurture yourself when times are challenging, as well as in the good times.
Every person has gifts to share with the world. 
Isn't it time for you to bloom from the inside out

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